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An expertly crafted SEO solution can turn your website into your business’ greatest asset for securing new clients. Potential customers are searching for your services. Using proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies tailored to your business, Serene Growth will make sure that they are finding your website.

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Serene Growth in Edmonton offers a complete range of SEO services and solutions for Edmonton Business to create powerful digital marketing strategies that get real results, enhancing visibility, increasing traffic and converting visitors into customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Using proven SEO techniques, we will boost your website’s visibility so that when customers search for your services, they find your website.

Content Optimization

Studying your market and target audience, we will enhance existing web content and create new content optimized with the right keywords to connect with the clients you want.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization ensures that both the content and source code of each page on your website is optimized for better and more relevant search engine ranking.

SEO Consulting

Work with an expert SEO consultant to implement the right solutions for your business. Access 15+ years of industry experience through Serene Growth consultation services.

Data Analysis

Our digital marketing solutions are data-driven. Through comprehensive data analysis, we identify strengths and areas for improvement in order to develop SEO strategies that will work for your business.

SEO Strategy

Designed to accomplish your business goals, our expert SEO strategies are comprehensive, data-driven and based on proven search engine optimization techniques.

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The Value of SEO Services

SEO is the best value for your marketing dollars, and is increasingly chosen by businesses of all sizes. Expertly developed SEO strategies outperform adwords and traditional forms of marketing by driving qualified traffic to your website through real search engine rankings.

Instead of paying for ads over and over, build a lasting and effective internet presence through proven SEO techniques.

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SEO is the art and science of connecting customers to businesses, and converting visitors into clients. With data-driven, proven techniques based on 15+ years of experience, Serene Growth assesses your needs and creates simple digital marketing solutions tailor-made for your business goals. Serene Growth is passionate about supporting businesses and is committed to collaborative approaches. Together, let’s do something better.

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

SEO experts enhance website visibility and increase traffic by optimizing websites for search engines using various techniques. They analyze websites, review content and implement changes to achieve client goals. A true SEO expert is a data wizard and problem solver, has a wide range of proven techniques and keen instinct for the quality content that is valued by modern search engines.

I already paid for a professionally designed website. Why do I need SEO?

Professional, user friendly web design is essential to converting website visits to sales, but it is not the same as SEO. SEO focuses on optimizing website content to increase rank and visibility on search engine results for relevant keyword and local searches. The digital marketplace is highly competitive, and flooded with information. Without SEO, even the best website can get lost in the crowd.

Are SEO results guaranteed?

Beware of SEO services that over-promise. No professional SEO specialist will guarantee a first page rank on Google with in 6 months. Search engine algorithms cannot be bought and search engine optimization takes time and work. However, as experienced SEO experts, we are able to look at each individual client’s case and provide an informed picture of expected results.

What we do guarantee based on our 15+ years track record of satisfied clients, is dedication, collaboration and passionate support for each business we work with.

Does my business need SEO?

Most, if not all, businesses benefit from a strong online presence these days. SEO is necessary to make sure your website is reaching the clients who are already looking for your services. Expert SEO doesn’t just ensure that your website is appearing at the top of web searches, it ensures that you are appearing in the most relevant searches, leading to website visits, leading to real sales. We’ll conduct an audit and provide an analysis of where and how your website can be search engine optimized.

When will I see results?

Unlike paid ad campaigns, search engine optimization takes some time and patience, but pays off in organic, long term visibility for your brand. It may take weeks or months to see the measurable results of an SEO campaign, depending on the goals and techniques implemented. This is why it is important to start with solid analysis and clear goals to build a strong strategy.

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We’re proud to offer a full range of services and custom solutions to diverse clients. Check out some of our latest projects.

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Serene Growth is committed to helping businesses reach their goals through simple solutions, passionate support, and creative collaboration. Let us know how we can help you grow.